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Welcome to MY Shower Door Vlogs!

MY Shower Door is proud to announce our new video blogs that will be posted weekly on our YouTube Channel and on our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

So what are these video blogs, or “vlogs?”

Vlogs are essentially blogs in video format to give you a visual representation of what we are talking about.

Here is why we want to create these vlogs:

  • Show you our products
  • We want you to see our work
  • Give you helpful tips for cleaning or what to look for in a shower door company
  • Educate you on the shower door industry

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Frameless Shower Door | Top Ten Things To Know

Finally ready to upgrade to a Frameless Shower Door?
Before we start, there are some important items to consider:
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Aesthetics
  • Functionality
Now we need to think about who?
There are many places you could purchase a frameless shower door but we strongly recommend consulting with a true professional, who has done thousands of these, to make the best decision for your bathroom.

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Frameless Shower Doors | MY Shower Door

Frameless Shower Doors Are Trending

Over the last few years, it has become increasingly obvious what the newest trend in shower doors has become. Whether you are watching an HGTV remodeling show or touring a newly remodeled house, there is one item that stands out from all others, Frameless Shower Doors. These types of enclosures have been replacing older-style sliding doors, corner showers, and other walk-in-designed showers.

Because of their sleek, clean design and heavy, tempered Glass Frameless Shower Doors are the primary choice when builders, architects, and designers are contemplating layouts in bathrooms. Frameless shower doors offer the owner the opportunity to showcase their tile selections without the bulky aluminum channeling usually associated with older “framed” shower doors.

Corner showers have now become more open and expansive looking which allows more light to pass and makes the bathroom appear larger in size. Shower stalls that were once outfitted with curtains or framed sliding doors are now a thing of beauty.

Many homeowners are opting to simply swap out their older style enclosures for the newer, modern frameless enclosures. This type of swap-out is very enticing to the homeowner because it can be accomplished without a general contractor. It is simply a matter of measuring and lining up the new glass shower door where the path of the old one was located.

In Orlando Florida, glass shower doors have become the most popular uplift to have come along since the vessel sink. Walk-in showers now have doors that can swing both in and out of the shower making them more user-friendly than their older style doors. With the addition of a product that seals the pores of the glass and repels water, frameless doors can last a lifetime while still looking like new.

In the photos, you will notice the dramatic difference when a framed enclosure is swapped out for a new frameless shower design.