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MY Health Guard

MY Health Guard

Introducing MY Health Guard, exclusively from My Shower Door

MY Shower Door introduces the perfect long term solution to protect the spread of germs at:

  • Checkout Registers
  • Restaurants
  • Other critical areas of face-to-face transactions

MY HEALTH GUARDS act as a physical barrier that stops the transmission of germs from going beyond the real glass barrier. First of all, our “MY Health Guards” are long-lasting. Secondly, they are aesthetically pleasing, as well as sturdy and easy to clean. MY Health Guards are Made in the USA, by our Florida based manufacturing facility “D3 Glass” and installed by MY Shower Door. We would be happy to give you a professional estimate for your particular situation.

Frequently Asked Questions About MY Health Guard

Why are the real glass Health Guards better than plexiglass shields?

While both products serve the same purpose, real glass Health Guards are a more finished look, clean up easier and don’t fog up over time. Additionally, glass guards are tempered for strength and safety.

Can the Health Guards be made to fit specific areas?

Yes, the MY Shower Door team will take precise measurements and offer the proper hardware to secure the Health Guards properly.

Are MY Health Guards easy to clean?

Because the MY Health Guards are made from real glass, they can be cleaned and disinfected using alcohol, Windex or any household glass cleaning product. Also, the fact that they are securely fastened with full supports, the panels won’t fall over like the lightweight self-standing plexiglass ones.

Are the MY Health Guards safe?

Yes, the Guards are all made with tempered safety glass for your protection. The glass is from North Carolina and manufactured and tempered here in SW Florida.

My Health Guard In Office
My Health Guard at a Bank
My Health Guard at a Showroom

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