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To the average consumer, clear glass is clear glass. Sadly, that is the farthest thing from the truth. There are many factors that distinguish one type of clear glass from another. Environmental elements that contribute to the clarity of glass are things like: where the sand (largest single ingredient) is cultivated, how much iron content is in the sand, how much phosphorus is in the sand and at what speed and temperature the float glass was made as it goes through the float process. In order to achieve less green tint, the sand passes under a powerful electro- magnet and large percentages of Iron are extracted which gives the glass more clarity and less green in color.

As the glass becomes thicker, the amount of iron increases and the amount of green color expands. To some customers, this is extremely important because if the shower is constructed with a light tone tile, the green color becomes very evident and casts a greenish hue. Low Iron glass, greatly reduces the greenish content and is the top choice for interior designers and decorators. This glass is also popular in the hospitality industry where it is vital to giving the bathroom the illusion of being larger than it actually is.

MY Shower Door offers both “generic clear” and Ultra Clear (low iron) glass in both thicknesses of heavy glass. Ask your MY Shower Door professional for a demonstration of our MY Ultra Clear Glass.

Product Details

  • Name Ultra Clear Glass
  • Type Low Iron Glass