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Every shower has its own unique features and needs. Choosing the right enclosure for that shower makes all the difference in the world.

When choosing your new glass shower enclosure, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How “frameless” so you want the look of your shower to be?
  • How many shower heads or sprays are shooting toward the glass?
  • What is more important for you…price, function, design, stability, maintenance?
  • Will your glass set on a curb (threshold) or directly on the floor?
  • What color is your tile…do you want standard, generic clear glass (greenish hue) or will it require a low-iron less green style?
  • Do you have room for a swing style or only a sliding bi-pass style?
  • Will your mounting surfaces be pitched properly to shed water back toward the drain?
  • How tall do you you want your glass to be? Will you have sufficient airflow for ventilation?
  • How wide do you need your finished opening to be?
  • Depending on the thickness of glass you choose, will your hinges hold the weight of the door?
  • Is there proper studding behind the wall in order to support the weight of the door? (If you don’t know…don’t worry, we have the solution.)
  • Will there be obstructions to a swing door both inward and outward? (toilets, sinks, vanities etc)
  • Is it advantageous to have a door swing inward as well as outward?
  • Will your shower be a “Steam” shower?
  • What tile and substrates are used on your walls?
  • Are their neighbors beside or below your shower?

If you are ready to get started contact a MY Shower Door professional today. We help guide you through the decision making process and offer you the right enclosure for your project.