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Custom Shower Enclosures

When Good Enough Simply Will Not Suffice

MY Shower Door offers custom frameless shower door enclosures designed to provide you with a distinctively magnificent retreat.

Firstly, as a homeowner, we know you take pride and comfort in your place of respite by meticulously curating its design and function. Here’s your chance to go above and beyond and create a luxurious shower experience that will highlight your home’s architecture, while maximizing your enjoyment.

Our custom shower enclosures are designed with frameless glass and solid, sturdy hardware while keeping the look sleek and elegant. In a custom steam shower environment, we can include the use of operable transoms that can be opened when a non-steam shower experience is desired. Our MY Pivot door can swing INTO the shower after a steam shower allowing the inside to properly vent while the moisture that accumulated on the door drains off INSIDE the shower. Moreover, this dual action of the MY Pivot hinge system is a brilliant engineering development.

Lastly, MY Pivot doors and panels can be arranged to create the ideal traffic flow, designed to fit sloped ceilings, optimized for tight spaces, or avoid fixed obstacles.

MY Shower Door’s custom shower enclosures allow you to create a seamless, modern, and elegant look.

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Dual Action with aesthetics
Custom Single Shower Door

Dual Action With Aesthetics

Typically, when entering the shower, you would pull the door toward you (outward swing). The swing radius allows an easy reach to the valve for pre-warming of the shower.

The inward swing is optimal for use when exiting the shower to keep any water that has collected on the door inside the shower. Leaving the door open inside the shower allows water to drip into the shower rather than onto the bathroom floor.

Aesthetically, the MY PIVOT hinge has NO VISIBLE MOUNTING SCREWS in view while the door is in the closed position. The top MY PIVOT hinge can be mounted to a variety of surfaces without the need to have additional studding added behind the walls. The top hinge can be mounted off a side wall, top soffit, from an adjacent glass panel, or to a horizontal headrail, when required.

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Custom Shower Enclosure FAQs

What are the benefits of a custom frameless shower doors as opposed to a stock boxed shower door?

At MY Shower Door, we can customize any enclosure application to fit the exact opening. This is beneficial because walls are rarely plumb and out of square. A stock, boxed shower door is a specific size that cannot be altered and will likely not fit your shower opening exactly. The gaps would then need to be filled to deter water leakage which could also give an unsightly appearance depending on how big they are.

Do you measure and cut the glass out of square to compensate for irregular walls?

We own our own glass factory where we cut every piece of glass to fit a customer’s walls. Every job we do is measured precisely by our estimators to ensure that the factory is aware of the exact measurements and any out of squares that may be needed.

Are there any height or weight restrictions when designing a heavy glass enclosed shower?

The hardware being used to support a heavy glass enclosed shower has specific weight restrictions. Our experienced team is trained to ensure that these weight restrictions are followed when designing an enclosure. Safety is our number one priority.

Are you able to incorporate “customer supplied hardware” on your shower doors?

If a customer has particular hardware that they would like to incorporate, we can work with them to obtain the hardware cut sheets to determine if the hardware design will work and our glass factory has the necessary information to fabricate the glass so the hardware can be installed safely and properly.