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Handles & Towel Bars

Shower Door Handle Styles for Your Frameless Shower Door

The style of the shower door handle you choose generally mirrors the hardware in the rest of your bath area. We offer choices that compliment your style and taste, yet are crafted to give you years of quality use. Our handles range from colonial to contemporary and from standard to upbeat. No matter what your style, or finish we have the hardware to match your style.

As you begin your bathroom project, start thinking about finishes first. Your favorite finish can help you build out the design of the rest of the room. Our diverse palette of finishes considers the latest fashion trends to match your unique preferences. These small choices add up to be a big decision that can affect the overall aesthetic of your bathroom.

We offer a wide array of handle options with multiple finishes to complement any bathroom design. Whether you are looking to match your existing bathroom vanity handles or make a statement with a unique style, our handles are sure to exceed your expectations.

Tempo Style Shower Door Handles

Tempo Shower Door Handle Style

Allegro Style Shower Door Handles

Allegro Shower Door Handle Style

Duet Style Shower Door Handles

Duet Shower Door Handle Style

Rhythm Style Shower Door Handles

Rhythm Shower Door Handle Style

Harmony Style Shower Door Handles

Harmony Shower Door Handle Style

Maestro Style Shower Door Handles

Maestro Shower Door Handle Style

Quartet Style Shower Door Handles

Quartet Shower Door Handle Style

Overture Style Shower Door Handles

Overture Shower Door Handle Style

Towel Bars to bring it all together

While towel bars may seem like an inconspicuous addition to your bathroom, they play an important role in the overall style of your bathroom space. Bathroom towel bars keep towels tidy and off the floor for a neater appearance and help them dry faster in between uses. A double towel bar is great for shared bathrooms, providing a place for more than one towel to hang.

Creating a cohesive look throughout your bathroom is equally as important as the design, so match the towel bar to the finish of the other fixtures. Whether you need a brushed nickel towel bar, chrome towel bar, black towel bar, or bronze towel bar, My Shower Door offers a variety of options that will blend seamlessly into your space.

Tempo Style Towel Bars
Tempo Style Towel Bars
Allegro Style Towel Bars
Allegro Style Towel Bars
Duet Style Towel Bars
Duet Style Towel Bars
Quartet Style Towel Bars
Quartet Style Towel Bars

Specialty Handles & Towel Bar FAQs

Where can I find the finishes your handles and towel bars come in?
All of our specialty handles are shown on the top of this page. The finishes available for each handle are shown when a particular image is selected.
May I choose not to have either a towel bar or handle on my door? What are other options?
The choice is yours when it comes to hardware. We have installed doors with a simple hole cut out in lieu of a handle or towel bar.
Can we have a simple knob as opposed to a handle on our swinging door?
Absolutely, we have installed knobs instead of handles on swinging doors. Ask your local showroom for the knob details if you are interested in going that route.
Can I have something other than standard size handles made for our unit?
Many homeowners choose a larger handle size if the door size is larger. This keeps the handle size in proportion to the door size. In addition to a standard 6-inch handle, all of our handles also come in 8-inch. Our handles that are straight also come in 18-inches or 24-inches.

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