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Standard Clear vs. MY Ultra-Clear

MY Shower Door offers Ultra-Clear Glass, a low-iron glass that can help bring the wow factor to your shower experience.

Ultra-Clear Glass 1
Ultra-Clear Glass 2
Ultra-Clear Glass 3
Ultra-Clear Glass 5
Ultra-Clear Glass 4

MY Ultra-Clear Glass

What is Low Iron Glass?

MY Ultra-Clear Glass is a low iron product that has a crystal-clear appearance. If your shower tile is a lighter tone, you may want to consider MY Ultra-Clear Glass to minimize any greenish hue from the glass.

Many factors distinguish one type of clear glass from another. Environmental elements that contribute to the clarity of glass are things like:

  • Where the sand (largest single ingredient) is cultivated
  • How much iron content is in the sand
  • How much phosphorus is in the sand
  • The temperature of the glass and the speed at which it was sent through the float process.

Firstly, the sand used to make low iron glass passes under a powerful electro-magnet where large percentages of iron are extracted giving the glass more clarity and less of a greenish hue in color. The thicker the standard glass, the greener the hue. Modifying the iron content can increase the light transparency by 6%.

Secondly, Low-Iron glass has become a top choice for interior designers and decorators. This glass is also very popular in the hospitality industry where it is vital to give the bathroom the illusion of being larger than it is.

MY Shower Door offers both “standard clear” and Ultra Clear (low iron) glass in both thicknesses of heavy glass.

MY EZ Care Shield

MY EZ Care Shield is a permanent glass protectant and repellant coating with a limited 10-year warranty designed to reduce maintenance and keep your glass looking new.

With MY EZ Care Shield applied to your shower enclosure, you can feel at ease that your frameless shower door has the best in Nano-Technology protection.

This incredible product is the result of a collaboration between MY Shower Door and an extremely prominent Nano-Technology development group. Each company has over twenty years of experience in the Glass and Glazing industry.

The Perfect Partnership for a Low maintenance glass shower door.

MY EZ Care Shield protects glass from mineral contaminants and corrosive acids that try to infiltrate the glass surface’s microscopic pores causing unsightly staining. This special formulation vastly exceeds low budget “do-it-yourself” products and the highly expensive “factory applied” coatings. MY EZ Care Shield may be applied in a controlled environment or in the field after the glass has been installed.

MY EZ Care Shield is the most effective glass protectant and repellent formula available to keep your frameless shower door looking like new.