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Glass Maintenance

Maintaining your shower enclosure is an important aspect to keeping it looking crystal clear for many years to come.

MY Shower Door has installed over 100,000 shower doors since opening in 2003, and we want to share some best practices when it comes to cleaning your shower enclosure.

A staple of any glass maintenance protocol should include wiping down the surface of the glass every two or three weeks with either paper towels, a squeegee, or a microfiber towel.

When cleaning the glass, using the right type of glass cleaner is very important. Avoid cleaning the glass with abrasive products like Ajax, Comet, Rouge, or cleaners containing cerium oxide, bleach, ammonia, hydrofluoric, or phosphoric acid. These items are corrosive to glass.

It is also important to avoid cleaning with abrasive brushes, razor blades, or other sharp objects as they can damage the glass. When cleaning tile or other floorings around your shower enclosure, be careful to avoid getting the cleaning solution(s) on the enclosure hardware or any exposed silicone as it may cause discoloration or oxidation.

Sprayway is a glass cleaner that we have found works very well. We have also found that using Soft Scrub with Lemon or a solution of vinegar diluted with water at a 1:5 ratio works well at getting rid of any soap scum buildup that may develop on the glass.

Microfiber towels
Safeway Glass Cleaner
The plastic sweep on the bottom of your door can be removed and cleaned in the top rack of your dishwasher using the NO HEAT dry option. Sweep replacements are also sold in each of our showrooms. Simply bring your old sweep in and we will cut a new one to match the size.