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Top 10 Things to Know About Frameless Shower Doors

These ten items need your attention so that when the time comes to actually make that purchase of a new frameless shower door, you will be CONFIDENT that you made the right decision.

Always make sure that any company that you choose is fully licensed and insured to perform this type of work as some insurance companies will not pay claims in the event that something was installed incorrectly or an accident happens and they do not have coverage.

A frameless shower door will add value and beauty to any shower but making sure that you address these ten topics will give you many years of great function.

1. How big is the opening that you need glass for? Do you want a pivoting style door or a sliding style?

This is important because it depends upon the amount of room you have AND the type of look that you want.

Check out Pivoting Style and Sliding Style.

2. What is your budget?

Frameless shower doors have a very wide range of pricing tiers, from a few hundred dollars to thousands. We recommend having a budget in mind before contacting us.

Generally speaking, the sliding doors cost less than most swing-style doors, although there are some exceptions.

3. How often will this particular shower be in use? Is this in a guest bathroom or the Master bathroom? Will this be for children, or elderly?
Your answer could help you make a different decision. A seasoned professional will be essential in pointing you in the right direction. Special considerations should be made depending upon specific conditions.
4. Does your new enclosure need towel bars attached through the glass?

These are ideal for the hospitality industry as well as showers that people use when coming back from the beach or swimming at a pool.

Having a place to hang a wet bathing suit INSIDE the shower is very appealing to many buyers.

5. How convenient is it to turn on your water before entering the shower?

This common activity is often overlooked when consumers purchase their units online. Generally, that is not a question asked by online merchants and a mistake here could haunt you.

Having the ability to turn on and adjust the temperature of your water easily and safely is of the utmost importance.

6. Do you know where the studs are within the walls?

On frameless shower doors that use “wall-mounted hinges,” this could pose a real problem.

Most companies offer 3/8″ tempered glass for their units which means that the hinge side of the door will be secured to the sidewall and if you don’t know what “blocking” is in the wall, you may be hanging a lot of weight off the tile and dura rock only.

This is not a safe scenario as this is a heavy unit and the constant pressure will likely have the door pull away from the wall causing an unsafe situation.

The use of a “pivot style” hinge will transfer the weight pull from the vertical wall to the horizontal threshold. This is a much safer arrangement.

7. What thickness glass do you want?
Most frameless shower door companies only offer 3/8″ thick (10mm) glass even though 1/2″ thick (12mm) is more solid and durable. How the glass is hinged and how it is supported makes all the difference in the world. Using the proper hinge for 1/2″ (12mm) glass will lay your concerns to rest.
8. Do you want “standard clear” glass or “ultra-clear” glass?

Most companies don’t offer the “ultra-clear” glass because it comes at a higher price, but it diminishes the amount of greenish tint that you see when you use “standard clear” glass.

If you have light color tiles, the greenish tint is more pronounced. Most decorators and designers prefer the “ultra-clear” option.

9. Are you using multiple showerheads or overhead rain heads?
The angle of where the water source is coming from is extremely important to identify early. If the shower is spraying at unusual angles, the location of the door opening is very important. A frameless shower door professional will always discuss this with you when selecting your solution.
10. Will the door be mounted on a curb or directly on the floor?
This is a MAJOR item to consider and it makes a difference as to what type of hinge is used and where the door should be mounted.

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