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Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless Shower Doors



A frameless shower door adds a sense of value and elegance to any bathroom. With the use of heavy glass to give it rigidity there no longer is a need for the bulky aluminum channeling that encompassed lightweight glass. That aluminum was known as a “collect all” and was extremely difficult to clean. Now, with the application of MY EZ Care Shield, maintenance is a breeze and the glass radiates brilliance. Frameless shower doors have become the standard for new, upscale homeowners.

When a potential buyer is researching frameless shower doors for their first time, there are many factors to consider.

If the doors are a sliding type, the research should focus on not only the glass thickness and clarity (even with pattered glass), but the strength of the extrusions supporting that glass, the roller wheels being used and how they are secured, the bottom water dam being used and the weight and functionality of the hardware being utilized to move the glass doors with. Sliding doors serve a good function and reliability but may not work in all situations. There will be times when either the floor or the threshold is not level and one side is higher than the other. When one door slides, it will either rub on the bottom (if the floor is high on that side) or will leave a large gap beneath (where the floor is low on that side).

If the research is for a swinging style enclosure, special attention should be spent on the hinge system being used. This is of the utmost importance because these hinges will operate daily by multiple people. It is important that the hinges and wall substructure are able to handle the weight of a frameless door. A Pivot style hinge is able to hold more weight and place the burden of stress on the threshold instead of cantilevering it off the wall. Wall hinges are an old technology and do not guarantee holding the glass in place securely. Even though there are twice as many screws needed to hold a wall mount hinge in place, their reliability is nowhere close to what a pivot style can secure.

The MY PIVOT Door offers the smoothest transmission of weight of any frameless shower door….anywhere.

The most noticeable item in frameless shower doors is the clarity of the glass.

At MY Shower Door, we offer generic clear glass (has a greenish tint) and Ultra Clear, low iron glass (which has nearly no green tint). The low iron content is achieved at the glass “float plant” when the sand is poured on the large conveyors and run below a large electro magnet which extracts the volume of iron in the sand. This produces a more translucent glass than the generic clear glass which is given by most ordinary glass shops.


A permanent glass protectant and repellent coating designed to reduce maintenance and keep your glass looking new.


Our Ultra Clear Glass is a low iron glass that shows no green tinge on the glasses surface.


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We purchased our retirement home and remodeled it. When it came to the bathrooms, we wanted something very elegant and special that would last a lifetime with a timeless look. We totally got that from MY Shower Door. From the moment we walked into their showroom, we knew we wanted MY Shower Door to complete our bathrooms. The doors are of the highest quality and easy to clean. We received excellent service from such a helpful staff. Everyone was very friendly and accommodating. I must admit it is an exquisite shower and totally exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend MY Shower Door to anyone that’s looking to update their bathrooms.
5 stars isn't enough. I never thought my imagination could be put into reality, thanks to all at MY Shower Door for all the assistance with our Bonita house. Recommend Highly!
From our experience with the knowledgeable salesperson, Dustin, to the professionalism of the installers Matt and Mike S, this company provided an easy and timely service. The door arrived on time, it was easy to choose the hardware, and the installation crew had smiles on their faces and knew what they were doing! Thank you, thank you. This was the easiest and by far, the best part of our bathroom remodel.
Great job... Alex and Bart did beautiful and very professional work. They were pleasant and neat. We felt very confident about the installation of our shower enclosure. We love it. Thank you Alex and Bart!
Love my new shower door! Jamon did an excellent job providing recommendations and his measurements were perfect. I would definitely recommend them!
I had MY Shower Door Orlando do my master bath first and they ended up doing such a great job we ended up doing our guest bathroom as well. We thought we could only do a slider on our tub and they showed us how we had other options and we ended up doing a frameless swing door with a panel over the tub. We were really impressed from top to bottom from their beautiful showroom, to the gentleman who came out to measure to the install. 5 Star Service all-around.