My Shower Door
Bill Daubmann Wolfpack mr. wonderful

South Fort Myers High School puts its spin on the hit TV Show Shark Tank! Our POWERFUL Wolfpack students from the Jobs for Florida Graduates program pitched their business ideas to real investors from Southwest Florida!

Bill Daubmann, president of MY Shower Door and D3 Glass, is one of six business owners & entrepreneurs, who will hear pitches from the students about their own business ventures and possibly invest to make their ideas a reality. Mr. Daubmann will be the Wolf Den’s “Mr. Wonderful,” sitting in the center of the other investors, as does Shark Tank’s own Mr. Wonderful, Kevin O’Leary.

“It was a great experience working with both the school district as well as the students. We invested in two of the start-ups and are planning to roll them out this fall.” ~ Bill Daubmann, President of My Shower Door & D3 Glass

The judges heard from five students of the Fort Myers school on April 29, with an opportunity to invest in any presentation. Mr. Daubmann says the intention is to make it as similar to the actual show as possible, with lawyers assisting with the legalities of such partnerships were to develop. The primary interest in the Den is to mentor students and to offer them guidance. There is plenty of enthusiasm around the production and Mr. Daubmann anticipates it being an annual occurrence.

Every student who participated in Wolf Den will remain in contact with each of the “wolves,” not just those who received an investment offer. If the judges know of another contact or business owner who would align with the idea or vision, they will help create that relationship and allow for more mentors to offer help.