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8 Shower Remodeling Design Tips

If you are thinking of remodeling your shower or are already in the renovation process, here are some design tips to consider that can save you some frustration down the road. Feel free to reach out to your local MY Shower Door team if you have any additional questions on this topic.

#1 – Avoid using glass tile if you plan to install a glass enclosure.

broken glass
The drilling necessary during the installation process of a glass enclosure will inevitably result in cracking of glass tile.

#2 – Avoid creating odd glass path angles.

Odd Angles
We recommend that you do not design the glass path for a future shower enclosure at an odd angle where glass panel or shower door will meet the wall. Odd angles at the walls may result in “Hinge Bind” making it impossible for the door to operate effectively.

#3 – Avoid using raised or decorative tiles on the wall sections where an eventual shower enclosure will be located.

deco notch
A frameless shower door design requires tight tolerances to the wall to ensure a water-tight fit. Flush wall surfaces along the glass path will allow for better door functionality and eliminate unsightly gaps.

#4 – Beware of unnecessary half wall or bench overhangs.

Bench Notch
Overhangs will require some sort of notching (either in the glass or the overhang) for the tightest gap result. By avoiding unnecessary overhangs, you will eliminate unsightly gaps and fillers and reduce the potential for water leakage.

#5 – Beware of designing obstructions in the eventual glass door path.

Design Obstruction
Frameless shower doors have the ability to open in and out. Thus, ensuring there are no obstructions like towel bars in the door pathway will allow for proper door operation.

#6 – Ensure benches and thresholds (curbs) are properly pitched.

pitch curb
Benches and thresholds must be pitched inward to shed water properly. It is recommended to use a one-piece slab for benches and thresholds for this reason.

#7 – Avoid positioning body sprays opposite an eventual enclosure door.

water spray
Always position body sprays so they are directed toward interior shower walls to avoid potential water leakage.

#8 – Consider the location of your shower controls.

shower controls
If your toilet is on the same wall as your showerhead and controls, you should consider relocating the controls to another wall to make it easier to access them without walking into the shower.

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