What Can I Expect at a MY Shower Door In-Home Measuring Appointment?

This article will cover what you can expect when one of our MY Shower Door team members visits your home. We understand that welcoming someone into your home without knowing what to expect can be stressful. We hope that the information provided here will serve to alleviate the uncertainty of that visit, thereby giving you peace of mind.

Upon Arrival

First, please note that all our team members will be driving a MY Shower Door vehicle and will be dressed professionally in MSD attire so you can know for certain that it is “us” and not some other company when we arrive.

Initial Inspection & Design Selections

After introducing ourselves, we will ask to see the bathroom or bathrooms to make an initial observation of the project, asking you to describe what you are envisioning.

If you made any prior selections while in our showroom, if applicable, then we will review those at this time, ensuring that we address any questions or concerns you may have.

Next, we will proceed with recommending and solidifying the shower enclosure design that will be best for your application. This process will include going over the following:


  • Glass thickness options (3/8” or ½”)
  • Glass clarity options (Standard Clear, MY Ultra Clear, Satin Etch, Rain, etc.)
  • MY EZ Care Shield protective glass coating


  • Finish options (customers typically like to match to the other hardware in the bathroom)
  • Mounting options available for the enclosure design (This discussion will cover the options for mounting the glass for the door(s) and any stationary panels in the design)
  • Confirmation of your preferred handle style for the door(s)

Measuring the Space

Once your design selections are finalized, we will move on to the measuring details of the enclosure. Specifically, if the enclosure design uses a MY Pivot door, the hinge side will be discussed, along with the height of the enclosure and the actual glass path that will be followed with the design. If the enclosure design includes one of our sliding door options, the details of enclosure height and glass path will also be discussed.

At this point in the process, we will take some time to carefully capture all the applicable measurements for the glass enclosure design you selected. We will check all shower walls to determine if they are plumb or out of square as this is an important factor when cutting the glass for the perfect fit. We will also check the threshold or floor (if the shower is a zero-entry design) to ensure it is pitched appropriately for water flow.


Once all the applicable measurements have been taken, we will perform a final review with you of all your selections and provide you with an exact price for the work.

If you are ready to move forward, several things will then happen:

  • We will call our scheduling department to solidify an installation date
  • A 50% deposit will be collected from you (either by check or credit card)
  • We will obtain your signature to complete your order

Customer Care

Afterwards, we will leave a copy of the enclosure design, a record of all your selections, along with all the pricing details with you.

Finally, 2-3 days before your scheduled installation date, our customer service team will reach out to confirm your appointment and answer any questions you may have before the final installation occurs.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read this article on what you can expect at a MY Shower Door in-home measuring appointment. We appreciate the opportunity to be your frameless shower door provider and look forward to ensuring that your expectations are exceeded!

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