What is MY EZ Care Shield?

MY EZ Care Shield is a permanent glass protectant and water-repellant coating that is applied to the glass in your frameless shower. This coating is designed to reduce maintenance and keep your shower glass looking new. MY EZ Care Shield comes backed by a limited 10-year warranty from MY Shower Door.

This incredible product is a result of collaboration between MY Shower Door and an extremely prominent Nano-Technology development group. Each company has over 20 years of experience in the Glass and Glazing industry.

MY EZ Care Shield protects glass from mineral contaminants and corrosive acids that try to infiltrate the glass surface’s microscopic pores, which can result in unsightly staining. The special EZ Care Shield formulation vastly exceeds the performance of low budget “do-it-yourself” products as well as most of the highly expensive “factory-applied” coatings.

At MY Shower Door, we apply our MY EZ Care Shield in a controlled environment at our glass factory in Fort Myers, Florida. Our skilled installation team is also trained to apply MY EZ Care Shield in the field after glass has been installed, if needed. MY EZ Care Shield is the most effective glass protectant and water-repellant formula available on the market to keep your new frameless shower door looking brand new.

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